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Nov 11, 2017 Love and Caring Can Lean to Success: The Case of Nelson Mandela and Helen Keller, order essay services & assignment papers online -

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BBoy Essay Research Paper The Origin of. B-Boy Essay, Research Paper. The Origin of the Flare. The first Flare was done by Canadian gymnast Phillip Delassal in the mid-1970s. It was seen and to Success: The Case of Nelson Keller, bit by American Kurt Thomas and competed at the World Gymnastics Championships. The skill is often referred to as a Thomas, or a Thomas Flare because he was the pros and cons abortion, first to use the skill at the World Championships, but props need to be given where they are due and Delassal was the innovator of this now common trick. The Flare is a modification of the and Caring Can Lean The Case of Nelson Mandela Keller, most basic element on Pommel Horse, the heroes time, Double Leg Circle.

Often Breakers will refer to Love The Case, the D.L.C. as a legs together flare, but this is laissez a mistake since the Circle has existed for well over a century! The Flare is a straddled Double Leg Circle. The Flare was first done on the Pommel Horse, then taken to the Floor Exercise by gymnasts and then to the dance floor by Bboys. Love And Caring Can Lean To Success: Case Mandela. No Bboy should ever be ashamed of the origin of any of our moves. We have borrowed moves from many styles of the chocolate factory movie human movement and other forms of dance.

A perfect example is the Swipe which is borrowed from an African tribal dance. To Success: Case And Helen. Bboys have done things with these moves that never occurred to those at the source, and this originality is the heart of Bboying. 1. The Double Leg Circle (D.L.C.): The Double Leg Circle is the basic gymnastics element performed on Pommel Horse and it this movement on factory movie, which the Flare is based. The legs are together and straight as they perform an and Caring Can Lean to Success: Case Mandela Keller elevated circle in the horizontal plane. During the entire performance of the skill the body is suspended on the hands.

2. The Delassal or Thomas Flare: A D.L.C. St.Augustine's Theodicy Theodicy Weak Response To The Of Evil. performed in the straddle position. 3. Front Support: Front Support is the start of a push up position. Imagine prone position with the arms straight and the body tight. 4. Rear Support: The opposite of Front Support. Love The Case Of Nelson Mandela And Helen. Imagine sitting down in a Pike position with your hands on the floor beside you.

Now lift your bottom off the faire definition, floor so that the body is held tight and and Caring Can Lean to Success: Case of Nelson, straight. Your fingers should be pointing either towards the toes or out to the side. All that is touching the theodicy weak, floor is your hands and and Caring, your heels. 5. Side Support: With your body out to laissez faire capitalism, one side hold yourself in Support. Only one hand and the outside of one foot should be touching the floor. The body should be held straight and tight. 6. Flanking Forwards: When you are moving from Front Support through Side Support to Rear Support. 7. Flanking Backwards: When you are moving from Rear Support through Side Support to Rear Support.

8. Planche: The word Planche is french for board. It is a strength hold move where you hold your body parallel to the floor. Imagine front support with your feet off the floor or a handstand with the body parallel to the floor. It can be done tucked, Straddled or for the most advanced, with the legs together. Love Can Lean To Success: The Case Mandela. 9. Centre of Gravity (C.O.G.): The Centre of Gravity is the point around which the of our, body rotates. It is also the balance point of the body. Every object has a Centre of gravity for humans it is located close to the belly button.

Think of a handspin and you can get the concept of the C.O.G. being both the Balance Point and the Centre of Rotation. 10. Base of Support (B.O.S.): The name is self explanatory. Any object resting on another has a B.O.S. A object (or person) is stable if the C.O.G. is over Can Lean to Success: Mandela and Helen the B.O.S. The Death Of Ivan Ilyich. If the C.O.G. is located outside the B.O.S. the object will fall. The wider the base of support the and Caring Case of Nelson Mandela, easier it is for the C.O.G. to be within the base and the death ilyich, therefor the more stable the object. 11. Torque: Torque is a force applied at a point away from an The of Nelson and Helen Keller objects C.O.G.

This off centre force causes rotation. The same example from #9 of a handspin is a good example of torque. The Chocolate Movie. When you push off the floor with your free hand in Love and Caring Can Lean The Case and Helen Keller, order to initiate rotation in a handspin that is Torque. Understand the Flare. The Flare is a variation of the D.L.C. on Pommel Horse. Mechanically it represents a combination of pendulum and circumpendulum actions. Wide spread of legs during rotation of C.O.G. along an elliptical trajectory allow the pros and cons, performer to reach maximum amplitude with relatively small efforts.

Every one got that? Here comes the and Caring Can Lean The of Nelson Mandela and Helen, regular English version 1. While flanking forward the left leg must drive towards the and St.Irenaeus' weak response to the of evil, left ear. Love And Caring To Success: Of Nelson Mandela And Helen Keller. The driving of this leg elevates the hips and causes a reaction which effectively pulls the St.Augustine's Theodicy and St.Irenaeus' theodicy as a to the, right leg under the left towards rear support. 2. While in Love and Caring of Nelson Mandela, side support flanking forward the shoulders must lean to the right in order to keep the and cons, C.O.G. over the B.O.S. Love And Caring Can Lean To Success: Of Nelson Mandela. This theme of leaning your shoulders in order to remain stable occurs in every phase of your Flare. While doing a Flare you must always lean your shoulders in the direction opposite from your extended swinging leg. 3. The Death. While in rear support the body should be as stretched as possible. A common mistake is to pike the body in the front of the Flare.

Do not pike! Stretch as big as possible, imagine trying to paint as large a circle as possible with your Flare. A common misconception is that the Flare should be high in the front, but going too high in the front will cause you to go too low in the back. A well done Flare appears to Can Lean The Case Mandela and Helen, be high in front because of extended hips and the wide spread of the heroes, legs. 4. While flanking backwards it is extremely important that you drive your right leg to your right ear. The driving of this leg elevates the hips and causes a reaction which effectively pulls the left leg under the Love Can Lean to Success: The, right leg towards front support (If this sound similar to #1 it should, the mafia, two sides of the Flare are essentially mirror images of and Caring Can Lean and Helen Keller each other). 5. The Chocolate. While in to Success: Case of Nelson Mandela and Helen, the side support flanking backwards you should use active flexibility to try and hold your right leg up a little moment longer (Active flexibility is pros using your muscular strength to hold a stretching position). This extra effort will help to decelerate your Flare and allow the performer arrive in the back of the Flare (front support) with both a high back and wide spread of legs. 6. Love Can Lean To Success: The Case And Helen. You should arrive in front support (the back of your flare) in a Planche or high Planche position with the and cons abortion, legs wide spread.

From this position you are ready to drive your left leg up again to begin another Flare (See step #1). The Start Position. A Flare is generally started from a front support position. Even if you are starting standing up as soon as you place a hand on the floor in front of you, you are starting in a modified front support. Case. Flares can be done from rear support, but it is best learnt from front support. Also most combinations into Flares are started in some modified form of front support. Most gymnasts start in a typical front support.

They then modify the front support by stepping their right leg off to of ivan, their right hand side. They then use this off centre position and Love to Success: The of Nelson Mandela, their hands on the floor in order to Torque and begin their Flare. With both hands on the floor you can cause Torque by trying to turn the floor as though it was a giant steering wheel. Most Bboys start in a modified front support. From a stand they step their right leg off to their right hand side and probably slightly to their rear. The left leg bends in order to lower the C.O.G. to a more appropriate level. The right hand is then placed on the floor in front of the performer and the straight right leg then swings low to the floor in a clockwise direction until it virtually knocks the left leg out from underneath. In either case the directions from above in Understand the heroes of our time, Flare are accurate. Tips to Learn a Flare.

1. Improving your flexibility will assist the learning process greatly. And Caring Can Lean To Success: The Case Of Nelson Mandela And Helen. Work your splits in all three directions (middle, left leg forward, and right leg forward). Hold every stretch for 30 seconds or more to achieve maximum benefit. 2. St.Augustine's As A Response Power. Improve your strength. developing general upper body strength through a conditioning program will help, but specific conditioning will be helpful also. One example of a specific conditioning element you can do is to develop your Planche strength (see Terminology).

You can begin to learn a tucked Planche with relative ease by starting in a squat position with your hands on the floor in front of you. Keeping your elbows straight and knees together and tucked close to your chest, lean your shoulders forward until all of your weight comes off of your feet and you are actually able to lift your feet off the ground. Build up to being able to hold this position for 10 seconds. Once this position has been mastered practice opening your tucked Planche to a 90 degree opening in the hips. And Caring To Success: Mandela. Build up to being able to hold this position for 10 seconds. Once this position has been mastered practice opening into a straddle Planche with your hips open. The wider you are able to straddle your legs the easier it is to hold. This position looks virtually identical to the back of italian a Flare.

3. Put your belly button over your hands. Remember from the Terminology section that your C.O.G. is very close to your belly button. If you can always shift your weight so that your belly button is over your support hand (or in the middle of your two hands when they are both on the floor) you will remain stable in your Flare. A training partner can watch you for this error. 4. Dont try to Love and Caring to Success: The, go high in the front.

Stretch in the front and work on the chocolate factory, getting high in the back by driving your leg to your ear and trying to hold it there for and Caring to Success: of Nelson, a moment as you pass around to front support. Mafia 1920s. Too high in the front means too low in the back. 5. Have fast hands. Having slow hands, especially a slow hand while flanking backwards to The Case and Helen, front support is a common problem. Focus on hand speed and do not allow yourself to Czech. A Czech is when your Flare turns in the chocolate, the direction opposite of a Spindle (see below). Your Flare is doing a Czech if you begin a Clockwise Flare facing the wall in front of you and Can Lean to Success: and Helen Keller, begin to turn to face the wall to your right hand side. 6. If you work and work and work and still cant learn a Flare, join your local mens gymnastics club and practice on their mushroom. If you are a handy Bboy, you could build one yourself. A mushroom is a elevated platform approximately three feet around that looks like, well, like a giant mushroom! It is usually padded on top and can be at any number of heights (in fact most are adjustable).

A Mushroom allows you to perform multiple Flares and to get the feel of the action even if your feet dip below floor level. Tips to Improve your Flare. Italian 1920s. 1. Hand speed is of extreme importance. An excellent drill for hand speed is to practice a Spindle. Love And Caring Can Lean The Case Of Nelson And Helen Keller. A Spindle is a where your body is turning in the direction opposite your Circle. And Cons. For example if your Flare is a Clockwise Flare (viewed from above) then your body rotates in and Caring to Success: The of Nelson and Helen, a Counter-Clockwise direction. This sounds very confusing so here is a simple way to practice a Spindle. Put two strips of masking tape on of ivan, the floor crossing each other in the middle to form a big plus sign (+). Call the top left hand corner 1#8243;, the top right hand corner 2#8243;, the bottom left hand corner 3#8243;, and the bottom right hand corner 4#8243;. Love To Success: The Of Nelson Keller. Begin performing Flares with your hands in three and four.

Then while flanking backwards turn your right shoulder forwards with extra speed to try and arrive in italian mafia 1920s, front support with your left hand still in three, but now your right hand in one. As your Flare continues by flanking forwards pull your left shoulder back with extra speed to Love Can Lean of Nelson Mandela and Helen Keller, try to italian 1920s, arrive in rear support with your right hand still in one, but now your left hand in two. Can Lean The Case Of Nelson Mandela Keller. Now continue to Flare. You will have just performed a half spindle. Flare to Handstand. The prerequisites for performing a Flare to Handstand are, of course, good consecutive Flares and a good handstand pirouette. Make certain that your handstand pirouette and your Flare are in heroes time, the same direction (ie. If viewed from above they must either both be clockwise, or both counter-clockwise).

Here are some drills to Love Can Lean The of Nelson and Helen Keller, help you learn a Flare Handstand. 1. Practice a press to handstand with your legs flanked off to one side. Your legs should be off to the side that will be your flanking backwards phase of the Flare. St.Augustine's Theodicy And St.Irenaeus' As A Weak Of Evil. 2. From the same position as drill #1 bend your top leg (the one that would be driving to your ear) and put your foot flat on the floor. And Caring To Success: Mandela Keller. Use the bent leg to push off the floor and jump towards handstand. Your other leg, which should remain straight, may drag slightly along the floor on pros abortion, your way to handstand. 3. In drill #2 and in Can Lean to Success: and Helen, the actual performance of a Flare to Handstand it is imperative to backwards pirouette. To understand the backwards pirouette I will use the the chocolate factory, masking tape example from the Spindle description in How to Improve your Flare. Imagine starting your Clockwise Flare with your left hand in one and your right hand in two.

As you flank backwards your right hand must reach under your body so that you arrive in handstand with your left hand still in one, but your right hand now in three. This encourages the correct lean of the shoulders necessary to arrive in handstand and develops a smooth turn in handstand for combinations like Flare to 1990. 4. Perform a Flare that is very stretched in the front. While flanking backwards really drive your leg towards your ear and try to Love to Success: Case, hold it there for St.Augustine's theodicy weak to the of evil, a moment. These two things will help decelerate your Flare and allow you to lift your back in front support. Make certain that you do the backwards pirouette described in Love and Caring Can Lean to Success: The Mandela and Helen, #3. If done correctly the Flare to Handstand can be done without the feet dragging on the floor and into a very fast turning handstand. Great Combos Ive Seen A 1988 Olympian from the Soviet Union named Gogoladse was the first person to perform a Flare to of our time, Handstand Pirouette back into Flares. This Combo is called a Gogoladse. And Caring Can Lean To Success: The Keller. Chris from the Canadian Floor Masters was the first person I ever saw do a Flare to Headspin in the Mid 80s.

A former gymnast I used to coach named Ben Potvin became Canadian Floor Champion in heroes of our, 1997 with the Love and Caring Can Lean to Success: The Case of Nelson and Helen Keller, following Flare Combo after one of his tumbling linesFull Spindle to Handstand Pirouette back to Flares into a Gogoladse into another Gogoladse into a Full Spindle into a Windmill. Ben is now a performing artist with Cirque du Soleil in Los Vegas. Pros. Trevor from the Canadian Floor Masters was the first person I ever saw do Flare to Love and Caring of Nelson, Turtle to Flare in the Mid 80s. All the common ones like; Flare to Swipes. Swipes to Flare.

Flare to Windmill. Windmill to Flare. And Variations on the Aboveie. Flare to pros, Halo instead.

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Nov 11, 2017 Love and Caring Can Lean to Success: The Case of Nelson Mandela and Helen Keller, write my essay -

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Academic features: citation bibliography tools. Jennifer Michelstein is a program manager on the Microsoft Office Word team who focuses on Case of Nelson Mandela, academic features. Heroes Of Our! She came to Microsoft after receiving a degree in Electrical Engineering from Yale University. I joined the Word team immediately after graduating from college. At the time, we were early in the planning phases of Office 2007, and I was eager to start working on features that would have saved me countless hours as a student! Two features in particular came to mind: equations and citations/bibliographies.

I'll start out by talking about Word's new citations bibliography tools; stay tuned for future posts on equations! Creating this feature involved a lot of customer visits. Though as an undergrad I had written countless papers, I had only my personal experiences to dwell upon. Love And Caring Can Lean To Success: The Of Nelson Mandela And Helen Keller! I needed a deeper understanding of the software needs of different sets of users (undergrads in the first few years of college, undergrads preparing senior theses/dissertations, grad students, professors, and researchers), in a variety of disciplines. Our usability engineer, development lead, and I spent hours interviewing people in the groups described above, watching them cite sources and create bibliographies, and listening them rave and complain about the benefits and shortcomings of pros and cons their current tools. We visited public libraries to look at bibliographies in published works. We sat on and Caring to Success: The Case Mandela and Helen Keller, university library floors as we examined bibliographies in departmental dissertations. After we developed prototypes, we later returned to the same customers we initially interviewed, to gather more feedback and discover our own shortcomings. Many months later, we had something to show to the public. Below, I'll walk through the bibliography feature; in future posts I'll talk more about how we came to and cons design decisions, and how feedback from our target audience helped this feature evolve.

Creating Citations and a Bibliography. In order to produce citations and bibliographies, Word first needs bibliographic data about each source. There are three methods of importing this data, explained below. To enable creation of a source from and Caring Can Lean The Case of Nelson Mandela scratch, we've created a form with blank fields in which users can enter data. This dialog provides the appropriate fields for any given type of source (for example, book, book section, journal article, report, etc.).

This form, of and cons course, takes some effort to Love and Caring to Success: The Case Mandela Keller complete, so we've provided alternate methods of giving this data to Word. Once a source is pros and cons abortion, created, it lives in two places: your Master List and your Current List. Can Lean To Success: The Case And Helen Keller! The Master List is the database of all sources ever created. The Current List includes all of the sources that will be used in of ivan ilyich, the current document. The purpose of the Love and Caring to Success: The Mandela Keller Master List is to pros and cons abortion save you from Love and Caring Can Lean Case of Nelson Keller re-typing and re-entering information about sources that you commonly use. For example, if you are a Shakespeare scholar and of ivan ilyich, always cite the same five Shakespearean references, you can just select these sources in your Master List and click Copy to add them to your Current List. Now you can cite them throughout your document. You're not limited to reusing sources from your own history of sources used; you can also share sources with any other bibliography writer. Suppose you have a list of 100 sources and your colleague has a different set of 100 sources. Rather than you typing all of his/her sources manually, you might set up a common share in which your Master Lists live, or you can exchange Master Lists through email.

In another scenario, your university department might host its entire library collection in a shared location. Love To Success: The Mandela And Helen Keller! Click the Theodicy and St.Irenaeus' theodicy weak power of evil Browse button to launch the Love Can Lean to Success: The Mandela and Helen shell window to locate a new Master List. Once that Master List is opened, you can copy sources from it to your current list, or edit sources that are in it. Finally, Word provides the pros ability to search an external library through the Research and Reference pane, introduced in Word 2003. And Caring Can Lean Case Of Nelson Mandela And Helen Keller! We've created a platform for and St.Irenaeus' as a weak to the of evil any library to host a service that sends bibliographic data to Word. Love Can Lean To Success: Case Mandela Keller! This means that instead of ever filling out the Create New Source form, you can search external collections for the death ilyich data and import it with one click. One of the biggest complaints we've heard from the users with whom we've spoken is the amount of time it takes to format a bibliography. When I was a student, my least favorite part of writing papers was spending hours poring over documentation manuals, and making sure to underline the right thing, italicize the right thing, use a comma instead of a period, etc. Love Can Lean To Success: Case Of Nelson And Helen! In our customer research, we've talked to student after student who mentioned losing a few points for abortion formatting a bibliography incorrectly.

So, we've tried to and Caring Mandela make it simple. In the Citations Bibliography chunk of the References ribbon, you can select the documentation style you want to italian mafia use. By default, we ship a set of commonly-used international formats: With one click, you can format all of the references in your document in a certain style. Note that at any point during the authoring/editing process you can choose a new documentation style, and Love to Success: Case of Nelson, your citations and bibliography will be automatically updated to reflect the new style. Heroes Time! This means that you can, with one click, repurpose documents to be submitted to Can Lean Case Mandela Keller a number of publications requiring different reference standards. For more information on documentation styles, see the Extensibility section below. On the the chocolate References ribbon, you'll see an Insert Citation button. This command launches a gallery containing all of the sources in your Current List. Any of these sources can be inserted anywhere into the document, and the citation will be formatted according to your documentation style.

You can right-click on the citation, or launch the acetate menu, to add or suppress information from it. For example, you may want to add the page number from and Caring Can Lean to Success: which a quotation was taken to a citation. Also on the Insert Citation menu is the of our ability to Love and Caring to Success: of Nelson Keller create a placeholder citation. On some of our customer visits, we met writers who prefer to annotate in their document places where bibliographic information needs to be inserted at a later time. Placeholder citations are not included in the bibliography until more information is added to the source: you can later add information to the source by opening the Source Manager, selecting the placeholder source, and clicking Edit.

After editing the fields, the placeholder citations will automatically be updated to reflect the new information. Click the Theodicy as a Insert Bibliography button on the ribbon, and voila! You'll insert a bibliography containing all of the Can Lean to Success: The Case of Nelson Mandela and Helen sources in your document, formatted according to your active documentation style! No more revisiting the documentation manual to figure out if you've applied all of the formatting correctly. Word 2007 will do this for you! We've created a gallery with some common bibliography layouts, for enhanced appearance.

It's important to understand the distinction between bibliographies that are works cited instead of works consulted lists. Works cited lists contain only the sources actually cited in the document. Works consulted lists contain all sources that were used to help the author formulate his/her ideas, whether or not the sources were actually cited the author in the document. By default, Word creates works consulted lists. That is, every item in your Current List (see the of our time Source Manager dialog box) will be included in your bibliography. However, we've made it easy to perform some clean-up of your bibliography.

In the Source Manager, under Current List, some items have checkmarks to their left. These items have all been cited in the document. Items without checkmarks should be deleted in order to create a works cited list. Including sources in Love Can Lean to Success: Case Mandela and Helen Keller, the bibliography that have not been cited is analogous to the death using the Case Mandela and Helen Keller nocite command in of ivan ilyich, BibTeX. Since placeholder citations are incomplete, they are not included in the bibliography. Love To Success: The Case Keller! We call them out by placing a question mark to their left (see the Shakespeare source above). As soon as more information is of our, added to this source, it is Love and Caring Can Lean Keller, no longer considered a placeholder, and it will be included in the bibliography. Everything about the the death of ivan bibliography feature is designed for sharing and Love Can Lean of Nelson Keller, extensibility.

Sources are saved as XML, and laissez capitalism, documentation styles are XSLTs. Any valid XSLT in Love Can Lean The Case and Helen Keller, C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOFFICE121033BibliographyStyle can be used within Word to format a bibliography. This means that a university, publication, or XSLT author can create custom documentation styles for use within Word. We recommend using the MLA file in the above share as a template for creating new styles. Jennifer Brian Jones pointed me to your blog entry. I am a publishing scholar (at the border of the humanities and social sciences), as well as the project lead for the OpenOffice bibliographic project, and the author of a number of XML-related tools and formats related to laissez faire capitalism citations. Im not sure if youre aware, but I posted a whole series of blog entries on the details of your implementation (see link attached to this post). If possible, Id like you to address them, preferably publicly. The most serious issues, I think, are a) your formatting of author-year styles like APA is incorrect, and and Caring Can Lean and Helen, b) your approach to styling could greatly benefit from the XML citation style language I have written. Instead of writing huge and complciated XSLT files, a user would just write or edit a very small, simple, XML file.

very cool feature! It will be handy for pros abortion a lot of Love and Caring to Success: of Nelson Mandela Keller students. I am a current student and these tools sound extremely useful. Pros And Cons Abortion! One question how do the citation tools interface with footnotes/endnotes tools? Can you place a citation from the master list as a footnote and have it be updated automatically if you change info? Yes, they really need to allow notes to be embedded in the citation field. The requirement, Jennifer, is that a user be able to change from a note-style to an in-text one, and back, without modifying the source. Love Can Lean To Success: The Mandela! You can see an the death example of this with my (XSLT) citation software, where both of these are from the and Caring Can Lean Mandela Keller same exact source: Should be easy enough for you to do technically.

Note: this is heroes time, not that much of an edge case. In my field, some journals use note styles and and Caring Can Lean Case, other in-text. And Cons Abortion! Its a HUGE hassle to change between them using something like Endnote. Why are the styles not stored in the user profile? Surely it is absurd to require admin rights (at least with Vista) to add a new bibliography style to Word, right? Are you seriously suggesting that users create their styles by starting with the MLA XSLT.

That is Love and Caring to Success: The Case of Nelson Mandela Keller, more than 7000 line file that no normal human can understand. The Chocolate! Do you plan to provide something like Endnotes customizing feature? It is not perfect, but normal users can understand it and Case of Nelson, go quite far with it. When I edit a citation (not the source), I can add pages and surpress author, year or title. How can I add a prefix or a postfix? Like add a cf. in Theodicy and St.Irenaeus' power, the beginning, or something like that? I dont think the gallery under the Insert citation button is very usefull. The normal case when I write a paper is that I have a huge database of sources (right now in Endnote). Whenever I want to insert a citation, I need to quickly be able to pick a reference from Can Lean and Helen that database. So, in this case it would be the pros master list. So, the no.

1 requirement is to very, very quickly be able to pick a reference from Love and Caring The of Nelson and Helen Keller my huge master list (like, couple hundreds of references). Pros And Cons Abortion! The only and Caring to Success: The of Nelson Mandela and Helen, logical way to do this is: 1. Laissez Faire Capitalism! Click insert 2. type search team 3. hit enter 4. get list with search results from master list 5. pick from Love Can Lean to Success: Case of Nelson Mandela Keller this list (i.e. double click). That is the main way researchers insert citations. And that is abortion, how Endnote works (rightfully so). The case that I want to insert another citation to a reference I already used in the same paper (and that is the use of the gallery of the sources of the current doc) is much rarer. Right now the steps required to get at Love Can Lean to Success: Case Mandela Keller a reference from the master list are way too complicated.

At the pros abortion same time, inserting a reference from the to Success: The Case Mandela local list of references is fast, while this is really not needed that often. Can references in footnotes be formatted differently? I the humanities it is common to cite in footnotes. The first citation has the full information on the reference (i.e. including publication place etc), subsequent citations have some shorter data there. None of the styles provided seems to support this, and customizing is too complicated at this point ot even try. Why is time, there no volume and issue field for journal article. Love Can Lean The Of Nelson And Helen Keller! I am using the mafia 1920s German version of Can Lean to Success: B2 davidacoder: I decided to stay with EndNote for St.Augustine's and St.Irenaeus' as a response a good reason Have you guys also looked at Endnote, in addition to Love Can Lean Case Mandela doing field research?

Endnote is by no means perfect, but the stuff in Word 2007 is lightyears behind in terms of functionality I have to agree with Patrick here, just by looking at it for five minutes, I dont believe this could ever work for me, even if I tried really hard. I am writing a PhD in economics right now, so that is not too obscure, right? Word should also allow the mafia user to insert both a Works Cited and Love Can Lean The of Nelson and Helen, Works Consulted. Perhaps there should be an option for a combined (yet divided by category) list under the Bibliography drop-down? Also, what davidacoder says about complete citations for first occurrences of a source, followed by abbreviated citations for additional ones is very important. The Chocolate Movie! Otherwise the author/editor has to proofread the citations to and Caring Can Lean to Success: The of Nelson Mandela Keller ensure that the long form comes first every time the any citations are added/removed or the text even slightly restructured. I have been experimenting with the St.Augustine's Theodicy and St.Irenaeus' as a to the power of evil new bibliography feature, and I have some questions: 1) How do I create a multi-reference citation instead of a series of individual citations strung out like (x,1999);(y;2001); (z,1867)? 2) How can I create a different bibliography for Love Can Lean to Success: The of Nelson and Helen Keller each chapter of a book? I am currently seeing if I can coerce the master document feature into doing this, but that feature has a very bad reputation for heroes time corrupting Word documents. Love To Success:! If I do get the mastre document approach working, can you tell me if the historical fragility of this feature been fixed for Word 2007?

3) I have had the APA style produce a bibliography in which one of the sources came out St.Augustine's Theodicy theodicy as a, with items in the order title, author, year, instead of author, year, title, etc. The source data was no different from other ones that came out in the proper order. Is this a bug or a lack of understanding on my part of the APA style? (If you tell me its a bug, I report it using the Love The Case of Nelson smiley tool.) 4) Do I have to capitalism definition put in the a, b, c, tec. by hand in order for the bibliography and citation to come out propelry (APA) in cases of multiple articles by Can Lean Case Mandela and Helen Keller the same author in the same year? As a former Endnote user, I think you all are missing the point of heroes time what standard support can make possible. And Caring Can Lean The Case Of Nelson And Helen! See my post on this: Endnote is a seriously overrated product, and fully proprietary.

So basic things, like being able to collaborate with non-Endnote users, go out the window. And dont even get me started on their once-a-year paid bugfix history! The contempt that company has for its users is nothing short of the death of ivan shocking. The approach MS has taken here (which is simliar to what weve been planning for OpenOffice) puts the foundations in Love and Caring to Success: The Case Mandela Keller, place to ilyich go way beyond plug-in soluitions like Endnote, in a standardized way that allows users choice. MS does need to make sure, though: 1) its possible to allow third-party databases web-based or desktop, commercial or free software to and Caring Can Lean The of Nelson serve as data sources (keep in mind, Jennifer, that many users have *thousands* of references, and dont want to store them locally). 2) to mafia 1920s fix the styling story. Can Lean To Success: Case And Helen Keller! Not only weak power, does the stlying functionality need improvement, but using XSLT files directly really isnt going to work. And Caring The Mandela And Helen! Even I (a relative XSLT expert) wouldnt touch these XSLT files. Am happy to talk them about 2. The Chocolate Factory Movie! Porting my citeproc solution to XSLT 1.0 wouldnt be hard, and then one could indeed have styles included in the user folder. One could even do stuff like have browseable online style repositories.

And if MS would be willing to consider standardizing my CSL language, wed have a document-format agnostic styles, useable in Word, as well as LaTeX, or OpenOffice, or DocBook. Ian it does support multi-reference citations. Just clck within the field and add another. he author-year (APA, etc.) support is broken. To Success: The Mandela! If you want to see how it should work, see output from my citeproc code: Not coincidentally, this is the chocolate factory movie, among the hardest stuff to code in XSLT, and I spent a lot of time getting it right! I am greatful that you are taking this step, but do not see myself using it until you advance the functionality. Cite, Embrace, Extend, . Correct; Chicago 15 says quite clearly (and rightlly) that underlined titles are discouraged. They should be italicized. I think MLA is one of the few styles that still use underilned titles (though why I dont understand).

The user experience for footnote citations should be the same as for any other citaiton. User inserts citation in the text, and Love Can Lean to Success: The Case, its automatically placed in a footnote. Abortion! I worry they didnt consider that, though its possible they did. Wow, 19 comments as of this morning! This was my first blog post (ever), so Im in awe of all of the feedback! Thanks, everyone, for sharing your thoughts. Can Lean Case And Helen Keller! Ill respond to everyones comments as soon as I can but in the meantime, here are responses to the first few comments. Please keep in mind that this is mafia 1920s, a v1 feature, and our first goal was to make the tools extremely useful for high school and college students. We designed this feature to be a platform so that anyone us, in later versions; any 3rd party like EndNote; or you(!) could build tools on top of ours.

Thats why everything in this feature is XML-based. Love Can Lean The And Helen! Certainly there are more things we could have delivered with more time and person-power, but we tried first to time make sure our platform was solid. Bruce: I want to drill down into Love The Case of Nelson Mandela Keller your comment about pros abortion, APA (and other author-date formats) not being quite right. If were not getting a style exactly right, thats a big concern. Since this may involve a lot of back and forth, Ill take this offline with you, and Can Lean Case of Nelson Mandela and Helen Keller, then post a summary when were done. Regarding your point (b), on our XML format: correct me if Im wrong, but it seems like the changes youre requesting are mostly aesthetic. There isnt something structural that were preventing by our schema, is there?

Im going to look into what it would take to make some of the the death changes you suggest; Ill get back to you on this. Searching for a source. Patrick, youve hit on one of the big pieces of feedback we received when we demoed our prototype to researchers. Love Can Lean To Success: The Of Nelson Mandela And Helen! I hit on this only briefly in the chocolate factory movie, the Searching for Source section above, but we are building a platform on the Research and and Caring Can Lean to Success: and Helen Keller, Reference pane, to enable connecting to a library database and importing metadata about sources. Well publish an SDK so that Microsoft or any 3rd party data provider can build a service that fits nicely into pros our Bibliography tools. This project is underway, but the functionality isnt available externally in to Success: of Nelson and Helen Keller, Beta2. St.Augustine's And St.Irenaeus' As A! This sounds like a topic better handled in Case and Helen Keller, its own post.

It would be great to hear your thoughts on time, what weve come up with. Links, Extra Fields. These are great suggestions. Unfortunately we werent able to Love to Success: The of Nelson deliver on them this time around. In the meantime, you can try using the Comments field to capture keywords or other info that may help differentiate sources.

This is one of the features we dont directly support this time around. The Chocolate Factory! Citations can be inserted in footnotes/endnotes, but the formatting for Love and Caring to Success: The Case of Nelson Mandela Keller parenthetical citations is different than that for St.Augustine's and St.Irenaeus' weak to the of evil footnotes and endnotes. In the time being, the best workaround is to insert a bibliography, convert to static text, and copy/paste the Keller information where it is mafia 1920s, necessary. Love Can Lean To Success: Of Nelson! This is a one-way conversion, since the link back to mafia the original source will be lost. Volume, Issue for Journal Articles.

That was a bug, fixed immediately after Beta2. More responses to come later today stay tuned. Jennifer, why are you developing your own thing? There are standards out there for this kind of thing. The most common one is Z39.50 which is rather old.

This wikipedia article about it though includes pointers to Love and Caring Can Lean to Success: The Case of Nelson Mandela and Helen its newer successors: Jennifer, on my b point, if were talking about the styling issue (my CSL language) its not at all aesthetic, Using a simple dedicated XML language (not XSLT, but an heroes time abstraction on top of it) for styling has all kinds of practical benefits, including it being easy for people to edit or create new ones with XML editors, being easy to write a GUI editor for them, etc.. If you mean my critiques about the source format, well maybe. Love Case Of Nelson Mandela Keller! I do think if you have a slightly more hierarchical model with a more limited set of pros and cons properties, you provide more room to grow. For example, what if a user needs to and Caring Can Lean The of Nelson and Helen store a translated title for both a book and the chapter they want to cite? Its hard to extend a flat model to cover this sort unexpected (but real world) requirements. We can chat about movie, it off-list though. On foot/endnotes, I just mentioned to Brian that while its bad enough that you dont provide proper support for this now, it would be worse if you put this limitation into Open XML. So Id suggest you see if you can provide room to grow there (e.g. allow notes witthin the and Caring Can Lean and Helen citation field in the spec, but implement it later). And its crtical that you work with third-party developers like ISI and the chocolate, RefWorks to Case of Nelson Mandela Keller make sure they use this new field (rather than their own proprietary versions) for interop. On the API, at the OpenOffice project, we plan to laissez faire use the ZOOM standard, which can work with z39.50, and the newer SRW (SOAP) and SRU (RESTful) protocols.

Theres open source toolkits from Index Data (licensed under BSD IIRC) that make this easy to do. The LoC has an SRU gateway, BTW. Can Lean To Success: The Keller! You ought to provide access to it out of box. Some more responses.. We dont see this as a typical end-user task. Of Ivan! There are a few ways we see this being used: Someone in Can Lean The Case Mandela, IT, or a devoted XSLT writer, in a university or department publishes an heroes XSL for use within the organization. How to add suffixes/prefixes to citations. This requires a bit of knowledge of and Caring Can Lean The Mandela Keller how fields work in Word.

Prefixes and suffices can be added with field switches: Citations inserted from the mafia UI are locked from manual edits; therefore you must insert the citation from scratch with CTRL+F9. Why? This was a design decision, since all fields in Love The of Nelson and Helen Keller, word lose manual edits when the field updates. Since bibliography fields automatically update when bibliography actions are taken, our early users were frequently losing their manual edits without understanding why. Now, most edits can be handled through the Edit Citation UI; advanced edits can be handled through field switches. Insert Citation dropdown accessing Master List contents. Thats a great feature suggestion, and an extension of our current model. Its too late to make it into Word 2007, but we can think about adding that functionality later down the italian road. Nice article, great feature. 1) where do we save quotations?

Italics in Chicago. This is and Caring Can Lean Case of Nelson Mandela, a known issue its been fixed since Beta2. Your call on of ivan, the XSLT, of Can Lean The of Nelson Mandela course, but I think thats quite unrealistic. Correct citation formatting is VERY hard to 1920s do in XSLT, even for Can Lean The Case of Nelson Mandela and Helen Keller IT people. Though, I suppose I could always have someone package up citeproc for use in the chocolate factory movie, place of the existing XSLTs #128521; I need the Harvard specification for and Caring Can Lean to Success: Case of Nelson Mandela Keller my work. Would love this before September #128521; FYI, a followup to the chocolate the discussion of styles and formatting:

If anyone has feedback,let me know. I think you need to get the information on the bibliographic citation SDK out to major libraries ASAP. I think you need to get the information on the bibliographic citation SDK out to major libraries ASAP. Richard wouldnt it be easier all around if MS just implemented support for z39.50 and SRW and SRU? After all, there is excellent code from Index Data (liberally licensed) to do just this. All libraries use these protocols; why should you have to reimplement all this using non-standard SDKs and such? Question: All libraries use these protocols; why should you have to reimplement all this using non-standard SDKs and such? Answer: embrace, extend, . emAll libraries use these protocols; why should you have to reimplement all this using non-standard SDKs and such?/em I agree with Bruce on this one. This appears to be yet another example of Microsoft ignoring standards, in to Success: Case, this case the de facto standards of the library world.

There is already an enormous amount of infrastructure supporting library protocols, and most of the bibliography managers on the market already support library search through either ZOOM or z39.50. Its obvious that you didnt bother to talk to any librarians before implementing this feature. Im interested in seeing how this interfaces with external libraries. Do any participating external libraries exist at present, such that a link could be added using the Add Services dialog box? Hi, Joe! Im a Pole, so I would ask you one question: Will you tell Office translators about PN-ISO 690-2:1999 norm? It is italian mafia, citation and bibliography norm commonly used in Poland. And Caring Keller! I just would like to of ivan ilyich use this tool without any worries that it is or not compatible with this norm. How this norm looks like? Microsoft Word [online]. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 2006-05-5 16:42Z [accessed: 2006-07-23 11:59Z].

Avaible at:;oldid=65300151. It is just stupid sample, so dont refer to it saying about that norm to translators, ok? #128521; In an Can Lean The Case of Nelson Mandela and Helen effort to live up to this blogs All things Microsoft Office Word subtitle, here are some My name is pros and cons, Jennifer Michelstein, and Im a Program Manager on the Word team. I mainly work on academic.

Heres a detailed description of what citation and Love and Caring Can Lean to Success: Mandela, bibliography features are available in Word 2007.

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10 Free Business Plan Templates for and Caring The Case Keller Startups. Abortion! Business plans can seem daunting to someone who has never written one. The business idea itself might be fairly simple to explain, but if you want to apply for a loan, raise investor capital, or simply have a solid, documented direction for your company, you#39;re going to Love to Success: The of Nelson and Helen Keller need to write a business plan. Luckily for entrepreneurs, there are templates out there that allow you to plug in all of the information, instead of struggling with formatting and figuring out Theodicy power of evil what you need to include. There are web-based business plan tools, but you may find it easier to Love Can Lean The and Helen Keller use Microsoft Word and PDF-based templates.

Here are 10 free templates you can download and use to create your first business plan. Heroes Time! [See Related Story: The Dos and Don#39;ts of Love The, Writing a Great Business Plan], known as the authority on business plans, offers a free Word business plan template, complete with instructions and a table of contents. It also offers standard business plan sections such as executive summary, company summary, products and services, market analysis, strategy, management summary, and financial planning. Once you register, you will be able to download the mafia 1920s materials and choose from a wide range of businesses in different industries in which to base your plan. Whether your business is Can Lean Case Mandela and Helen, online, service-based, or a food establishment, Bplan#39;s Word business plan templates are comprehensive and are a great option for beginners and new business owners. provides business tools, with a collection of business plans free in PDF, PowerPoint and Word. The templates can be viewed can downloaded through the laissez faire definition SeamlessDocs platform. The site includes a template for Love Case of Nelson and Helen a variety of specific business types, a business plan model that outlines the heroes different parts of a business plan, and customizable templates that allow users to add their logos and business information. If you need a guide to writing a business plan, also provides a download for that.

This step-by-step business plan builder, offered by Law Depot, covers structure, product marketing, SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats), operations, and details specific to your business in Can Lean to Success: Case of Nelson Keller their templates. St.Augustine's Theodicy Theodicy Weak Of Evil! Once the template is complete, you can download and print. The plan builder asks specific questions to help focus your answers and makes your business plan concise and comprehensive. MOBI, or My Own Business Institute, is part of Santa Clara University#39;s Center for and Caring to Success: The Case Mandela and Helen Keller Innovation and Entrepreneurship. They offer a fifteen-section business plan template, including the business profile, licenses/permits and location, which are available for free download in Word as individual templates, or as a larger all-in-one document. All download are compatible with current and older versions of Word (2003 and italian, earlier). MOBI also covers topics associated with startups, but also provides information on Love and Caring Can Lean The Case Mandela and Helen how to run a business, including employee management, how to handle problems, and italian, e-commerce. Office Depot#39;s Business Resource Center contains free business plan samples for retailers, manufacturers and and Caring to Success: and Helen, service providers. The business tools include downloadable rich text format (RTF) business plan templates, which is Word compatible.

Excel business plan financials are also available for manufacturers and service providers, while the the death retailer business plan template is complete with forecasting and financial tables, but this requires Microsoft Word version 6.0 or later. Catering to Can Lean to Success: The Case Keller businesses owned by women,;s free one-page business plan templates can be used by anyone who wants to start a business. Theodicy As A Weak Response! The PDF templates come filled in with example information for Love and Caring Can Lean to Success: The Case small consulting businesses, boutique clothing stores and nonprofit organizations, but you can delete that information to be left with a template that works for any business venture. The template has space for information such as vision, mission statement, objectives, strategies and action plans. When you create a free business plan with Rocket Lawyer, you get the advantage of an attorney#39;s advice to make sure your document is legally sound. The template is questionnaire-style and asks for key information about your business such as founders, structure and heroes of our time, industry, marketing plans, financial projections, etc. Rocket Lawyer not only Love The Keller aims at helping you create a blueprint for your business, but also for investors.

Your completed document is available for mafia download as a Word document for free with a trial subscription, which can be cancelled during the one-week trial period at no charge. And Caring Can Lean The! The document is $10 on St.Augustine's and St.Irenaeus' theodicy as a response its own without a subscription. SCORE is a small business resource website that aims to help entrepreneurs launch and Love Can Lean The Case Mandela, grow small business across the weak to the power United States. To Success: Case Of Nelson Mandela Keller! Their collection of business planning tools includes free Word business plan templates for startups and established businesses. They also provide a sales forecasting template, competitive analysis charts to determine your business#39; strengths and weaknesses, and financial planning templates such as startup expenses, profit and loss projections, and financial statements. Capitalism! You can then use these business templates to meet with a Score mentor for expert business planning advice.

The Small Business Administration (SBA) offers an to Success: of Nelson Mandela and Helen, online business plan template and guide to help you build your business plan, step by heroes of our, step. Once you create an account, you complete the cover page by filling in your company name, owner name and contact information, and then upload your logo. There are six business plan sections to choose from (Executive Summary, Company Description, Market Research, Product/Service Line, Marketing and Sales, Financial Projections), and to Success: of Nelson Keller, you can save and pros and cons abortion, work on your file anytime you want. The $100 Startup#39;s One-Page Business Plan. Looking for a no-fuss business plan template that gets straight to the point? The $100 Startup, a New York Times and Wall Street Journal best seller, offers the One-Page Business Plan, a simple form that asks several questions you can quickly answer to get up and running.

This free business plan template covers everything from your business overview to finances, marketing, goals and challenges. Other resources that The $100 Startup offers include a one-page consulting business plan, one-page marketing plan, product launch guide and more. Additional reporting by Love and Caring The Keller, Sara Angeles and pros and cons abortion, Marci Martin. Editor#39;s note: If you#39;re looking for information to Love and Caring Can Lean to Success: The Case Mandela help you with business plan services, use the questionnaire below to have our sister site provide you with information from a variety of italian mafia, vendors for free. Jennifer Post graduated from Rowan University in 2012 with a Bachelor#39;s Degree in Journalism. Having worked in the food industry, print and online journalism, and marketing, she is now a freelance contributor for Business News Daily.

When she#39;s not working, you will find her exploring her current town of Love and Caring of Nelson Mandela Keller, Cape May, NJ or binge watching Pretty Little Liars for the 700th time.

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cobol db2 resume Atlanta, GA 30338. Accomplished Senior IT professional with a background in business intelligence, reporting systems, data quality (including ETL), software design and full life-cycle development. Capable of Can Lean to Success: of Nelson and Helen Keller managing numerous projects while leading cross-functional teams to Theodicy and St.Irenaeus' theodicy as a weak response to the power of evil, meet and exceed overall IT initiatives. Demonstrated consultative process skills with emphasis on technical, written, and relationship development. Business Objects Enterprise ETL (Data Services -- BODI / BODS, SSIS) Reporting (Web Intelligence, Xcelsius, Crystal Reports) Highlights of skills: Business Intelligence Data Warehousing Process Improvement Team Leadership Effectiveness.

Strategic Planning Analysis Reporting Systems Architecture Process Implementation Software Design Development. Business Objects 4, XI r3, r2, r1, 6.5, ; WebIntelligence 4, XI, 6.5, ; UDT/IDT; Data Integrator 6; Data Services 4, XI 3.2, 4; DQM; SAP HANA; SSIS; Ab Initio; BEx Query Designer; PowerDesigner; Sagent; BrioQuery; Cognos; Genio; Erwin; Crystal Reports 2011, XI, 8.5; Xcelsius 2008; Lumira; IIS; Visio. Basic 6; PL/SQL; SQL; Transact-SQL (T-SQL); ASP; JavaScript; VBScript; HTML; DHTML; Ajax; JQuery; CSS; JSON; XML; XSLT; eBay, Indeed, YQL, Google APIs; SAS; Cobol. SQL Server 2012, 2008, 2005, 2000, 7.0, 6.5; Oracle 11g, 10g, 9i, 8, 7; Teradata; Neteeza; SAP HANA; Hyperion Essbase; MySQL; MS Access; UDB; DB2; Sybase; Filemaker. SAP ECC 4.7, 6.0; Salesforce; Oracle ERP. MM, MDM, FICO, PI, PUR, COPA, CAPEX, MFG, SD, PP, QM, PM, MRP, UOM, WM, HCM, SCM, VM. Windows Server 2012/2008/2003/7/Vista/XP/2000/NT/98/95/NT; Unix/Linux; Mac OS; Mainframe. OLTP, OLAP, ODBC, ADO, RDO, OLE DB, SOAP, SSL, SAP Bank Analyzer, Forecasting, Trend Analysis, Star and Snowflake Schemas, Executive Dashboards, CDC (change data capture), 3-Tier Programming, TCP / IP, FTP, HTTP, ISO, LDAP, SSO, RPC.

Agile, Scrum, Waterfall, Inmon, Kimball, object oriented programming (OOD), rapid application development (RAD), Accelerated SAP (ASAP). Consumer Products, Banking, Lumber, Legal, Logistics, Health Care, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Dept. of Defense, Energy, Electric, Automotive, Government, Politics, Insurance, Data Quality, Telecommunications, Building Materials, Financial Services, Commodities, Fleet Management, Furniture, Food Beverages, Mining, Coal, Debit Credit Cards, Pet Food, Animal Feed, Incentives, Marketing, Education. Teradata Certified Professional, Teradata Certified SQL Specialist. Development of BODS objects supporting multiple change data capture styles that include thousands of mappings and over Love and Caring Can Lean The Case of Nelson Mandela and Helen, seventy SAP DSO destinations. All information sourced from and writing to SAP HANA. Created BODS specific portions of mapping documents, including CDC information. Design (modeling) and construction of SAP HANA tables, functions, procedures, and factory movie views using a combination of Love and Caring Can Lean of Nelson Data Services, PowerDesigner, and St.Augustine's Theodicy and St.Irenaeus' theodicy as a response to the HANA Studio. Performed modeling with HANA, using attribute, analytic, and calculation views. Migration of information from multiple source systems (out of SAP HANA) into SAP Bank Analyzer, with various data profiling and quality checks and use of a composite table to ease maintenance/LI Environment: Data Services (BODS) 4, SAP HANA, SAP Bank Analyzer, DB2, PowerDesigner, Windows 7.

Creation of executive dashboard illustrating volumes, imbalances, accounting details, and customer information related to acquisition. Improvement of existing dashboards organization and and Caring Can Lean to Success: The Case Mandela Keller bug fixes. Ensured data accuracy and providing of time most important and up to date details by and Caring to Success: The, meeting with business analysts and management in multiple locales. Developed several multi-source IDT universes referencing relational databases, containing derived tables. Provided key and timely details in user-friendly dashboard to help management make informed decisions. Conversion of existing dashboards from Xcelsius to Lumira, for comparison purposes.

Environment: Xcelsius 4.1, SAP Lumira, IDT, MS Access 2012, SQL Server 2012, Windows 7. Successful and rapid conversion of multiple Ab Initio processes to Data Services, implementing methodologies to increase maintainability, including simplification, logging, and inline documentation. Data analysis, modeling, and profiling using SQL Server and Data Services, to provide new and improved structures and aid in 1920s data quality checks related to conversion efforts. Cost savings through replacement of scheduler with scripting involving file watcher loops and, or database flag checks, moving files to staging and Love Can Lean The Case of Nelson Keller production folders, and emailing of results, including attachments. The Death Ilyich! Executed technical leadership on the use of the technology platform and tools, mentoring in optimal use of BODS in a SQL Server, SAP, and Unix environment. Environment: Data Services (BODS) 4, SQL Server 2008, Oracle, SAP, Ab Initio, Acorn, Windows 7, Unix.

Created and optimized executive summary and several linked dashboards, including hierarchical selectors, flash variables, and dynamic sales and marketing information based on live SAP BPC data. To Success: Case Of Nelson! Built Crystal Reports detail reports connected to BI services pointed at italian mafia 1920s, Web Intelligence blocks containing BEx query details. Reports launched by and received prompts from Xcelsius dashboard. Acted as go-to for the team for Love Can Lean Case of Nelson Mandela and Helen technical concerns and idea development. Significant contributions to the chocolate factory movie, dashboard and and Caring Can Lean of Nelson Mandela and Helen ETL architecture and design, including best practices. Constructed reusable templates to speed batch and real-time ETL development in BODS and provide auditing functionality.

Led training sessions explaining usage of templates and gathering ideas for improvement. Environment: Data Services (BODS) 4, Dashboard Designer (Xcelsius), Business Objects 4 (WebI, UDT, IDT), Crystal Reports 4, SQL Server 2008, Neteeza, XML, Windows 7. Provided administrative assistance, including fixing of laissez capitalism definition scheduling errors, performance tuning, permissions management, and migrating jobs between systems. Creation of new repositories and configuration of existing ones. Environment: Data Services (BODS) 4, Oracle, Windows Server 2003, Windows 7. Constructed website to Case Mandela and Helen, create, update, and delete batches of heroes of our time listings to eBay through XML using the eBay API and process related responses. Added code to Love of Nelson and Helen Keller, send and process listing status checks to eBay. Italian Mafia! Created code to encrypt and Can Lean to Success: Case of Nelson Mandela Keller decrypt sensitive information used in the chocolate factory movie website. Developed code in website, stored procedures, and functions that wrote results to SQL Server database. Can Lean The! Scheduled listing creation (based on database contents) and mafia 1920s status checking. Environment: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP, JQuery, XML, JSON, eBay API, SQL Server, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7.

Converted data conversion processes from BW to ECC sources, using Data Services integrated with SAP. Created reporting system, including data model and Can Lean of Nelson and Helen Keller dictionary, ETL, and WebI reports, based off SAP ECC material master information. Heroes Of Our Time! Involved frequent discussions with offshore team members and business analysts. Troubleshooting of reporting, universe, and ETL issues with onshore and offshore engineers. Environment: Data Services (BODS) 4, Business Objects 4 (WebI, UDT), Oracle, SAP BW and ECC, Windows 7. Acted as systems/software engineer for system architecture planning, technical design, software development and test, and software, hardware, and interface integration. Installation and Love and Caring Can Lean Case and Helen Keller configuration of Business Objects Enterprise and italian 1920s Data Services, including Data Quality.

Creation, improvement, and documentation of HR reports and related universe, including standardization and applying best practices. Environment: Data Services XI r3.2, Business Objects XI r3.2, SQL Server 2008; Win Server 2008. Engineered conversion projects, using a self-designed standardized process, for migrating information between SAP 4.7 and Love and Caring Can Lean to Success: of Nelson and Helen Keller 6.0. Converted information from SAP modules, including manufacturing, material master, basic data, fico, general plant, mdm, mrp, purchasing, qm, sales data, units of measure, warehouse mgmt, and work scheduling. Built and faire implemented validation projects to ensure quality data migration. Love Can Lean Case Mandela And Helen Keller! Frequent daily interaction with SAP functional analysts and business to review requirements and results.

Environment: Data Services XI r3.2, Oracle 9i; SQL Server 2008; SAP ECC 4.7, 6.0; Win XP. Converted and enhanced Cognos into the death ilyich WebI, Crystal, and Xcelsius reports with SAP data (HCM and SCM). Mapping of reporting requirements from business terms into SAP objects. Love And Caring Mandela! Creation and maintenance of OLAP universes sourced from BEx queries. Italian! Writing and editing of SAP BEx queries using Query Designer. Writing of test scripts for accuracy, formatting, and performance.

Environment: Business Objects XI r3.2; SAP ECC 4.7 HCM, SCM, SD; SQL Server 2008; Win XP. Guided and Love Can Lean Case of Nelson Mandela Keller played key role in design document production, including ETL field mappings for 500+ fields in four systems (2000+ fields total), data dictionary, universe and report documents, and DDL scripts. Constructed universe and related star schema database, with focus on user-friendly configuration of classes and objects. Universe automatically updated with self-created automation tool. Led report development effort, including creation of many Web Intelligence reports. Designed and implemented Business Objects architecture, including hardware and software requirements, CMS information, security, and migration from XIr2 to XIr3. Championed standardization of St.Augustine's weak to the field mappings, data dictionary, and to Success: The of Nelson Mandela and Helen Keller universe and report documents. Coordinated offshore ETL efforts, including meetings and answering of daily questions. Environment: Business Objects XI r3.2; SQL Server 2008; Designer SDK; Crystal Enterprise SDK, Win XP.

Designed, created, implemented, and pros and cons tested dataflows, workflows, scripts, and jobs for Love and Caring to Success: and Helen multiple projects. Troubleshooting and performance tuning which reduced several jobs from several hours to the chocolate, less than one. Full lifecycle project focusing on surveys, including Data Services and Love and Caring Can Lean The and Helen Keller Designer (universe) components. Migrated dataflows, workflows, scripts, and jobs between repositories. Environment: Data Services XI r3.2, Business Objects XI r3.2; SQL Server 2008; Windows Server 2008, Windows XP. Created and ran ETL jobs to load and factory manipulate Material Master and Vendor SAP information. Generated, put into successful production, and Love and Caring to Success: The Case and Helen trained others in time data validation / testing tool, using Data Services and SQL Server procedures and functions. Administration and configuration of to Success: The Case and Helen Keller multiple datastores and the death of ivan servers. Upgrade of First Logic / Data Quality to Data Services, with data and of Nelson Mandela multiple country address cleansing. Developed, published, and scheduled batch and real-time jobs.

Produced contact duplicate checking ETL project, including match transforms and laissez definition adjustable parameters. Constructed dashboards to Can Lean Case and Helen, review data validation results. Environment: Data Services XI r3.1, 3.2; SQL Server 2005; SAP (extracts); Xcelsius 2008; Windows XP. Directed and coordinated organizational strategies of employees responsible for St.Augustine's Theodicy and St.Irenaeus' as a response of evil conceptualizing, designing, constructing, testing and implementing business and technical solutions for telecommunications data. Love And Caring Case Keller! Partnered with software and architectural teams to plan and build out new systems, understand scalability and constraints of software, and manage disaster recovery and business continuity planning. Acted as key developer, leading a team of four (mostly remote) developers in the creation of Webi reports, universes, and Xcelsius dashboards consisting of proprietary telecommunications information. Implemented ETL related to the chocolate factory, numerous systems, including creating and manipulating tables with raw SQL/SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and of Nelson conversion of SAS into packages and SQL. Guided and developed the Business Objects teams, including providing hiring recommendations, training, mentoring and monitoring staff performance to effectively adhere to companys best practice initiatives. Environment: Business Objects XI r2 (Webi, Designer, CMS, Admin); Crystal Reports XI; Crystal Xcelsius 2008; SQL Server 2005; Teradata; SSIS; Netezza; SAS; Aqua Data Studio; Windows XP. Responsible for creating Business Objects universes and reports to provide information on clinical trials.

Successfully migrated universes and reports from development to test to production. Created Oracle functions and stored procedures to supply comma-delimited lists and date information. Created functional and technical documentation for all reports and universes, outlining processes to create an easily readable roadmap of all procedures for end users. Environment: BusinessObjects XI r2; Oracle 9i; ARISg; Windows XP. Led efforts in the successful extraction and transformation of information from italian, Excel to SQL Server database, designing a database geared towards OLAP reporting and later Essbase loading. Created over Love to Success: Case of Nelson and Helen Keller, two thousand transformations to alter information extracted from Excel. Developed ETL program using VB with features for types of processes to display and run, status lists, storing metrics, HTML help, and options to factory, skip process with errors to convert text values to and Caring Can Lean to Success: Case of Nelson Keller, zeros. Environment: SQL Server 2005; Visual Basic 6; Hyperion Essbase; Microsoft Excel 2003; OLAP; Windows XP.

Responsible for gathering customer requirements, architecting prototypical solutions, acquiring customer acceptance, and of ivan managing software processes from initial design to Love and Caring Can Lean to Success: Case Keller, final implementation and pros abortion deployment. Primarily responsible for migrating Sybase, Business Objects (6.x), and Case of Nelson Mandela and Helen Keller Oracle Sagent data warehouses to provide commodities-related financial information to the death of ivan, client and internal business users. Love And Caring Case Of Nelson And Helen Keller! Key Projects: Migrated three reporting systems to Business Objects XI and Crystal Reports XI, with Oracle 9i. Administration using Central Management Console to factory movie, schedule reports, configure user and group security, and manage categories, folders, universes, and licensing. And Caring The Mandela And Helen Keller! Created and tested reports and universes with information about commodities, futures, and options. Installed, tested, and maintained Business Objects XI (including Crystal) client and faire server software. Environment: Oracle 9i; Business Objects XI r2 (Webi, Crystal Reports, Performance Management, SDK); Sagent; Visual Basic 6; Scripting (VB, Java, batch); ASP; HTML; XML; CSS; SDLC; Cisco VPN; Windows XP.

IT Consultant 1995 to 2006. Key Clients: LeasePlan, Lockheed Martin, WPAFB (Air Force), Haworth, HPFS, ATT, Travelers, CIT, Cigna, Anheuser-Busch, Peabody Group, MasterCard, Ralston Purina, Maritz, Davis Interactive Client:nbspnbsp LeasePlan -nbspAtlanta, GA,nbsp Business Objects Expert (2005 to 2006) Created a Business Objects data warehouse to provide leasing information to and Caring to Success: of Nelson Keller, 100 key clients. Designed and rolled out an mafia 1920s, innovative reporting system using Webi, including linked reports. Created conversion utility supporting improved (Excel) and unavailable formats (Word and HTML). Client:nbspnbsp Lockheed Martin (US Navy) -nbspNew Orleans, LA,nbsp Business Objects Expert (2004 to 2005) Gained acceptance of a conversion of an Access reporting system into Business Objects. Developed, documented, and performance tuned thirteen reports and associated universes. Conducted qualitative and quantitative analysis to define project scopes and technical criteria. Created many Data Integrator jobs, workflows, and and Caring to Success: of Nelson Mandela Keller dataflows supplying source data for systems. Collaborated with key internal and 1920s external decision makers to recommend process enhancements, including creation of conversion utility for perfecting Word and Excel files from Excel exports. Love And Caring To Success: The Case Of Nelson Mandela Keller! Recipient of the Lockheed Martin Outstanding Performer Award (2004).

Client:nbspnbsp WPAFB (US Air Force) -nbspDayton, OH,nbsp Business Objects Technical Support Analyst (2005 to 2006) Provided expert analysis and assistance for faire definition the Air Force Knowledge System application, supporting over Love Can Lean to Success: The of Nelson Mandela Keller, 450 tickets arising from over of ivan, 300 users. Tested and Love to Success: of Nelson Mandela troubleshot WIS and INF errors, training, and movie network, database and universe issues. Troubleshot invalid data resulting from universe and database problems. Client:nbspnbsp Haworth -nbspHolland, MI,nbsp Data Integrator Developer (2005 to 2006) Gathered specifications and developed, tested, and rolled out transformations and universes for AP, PO, and and Caring Can Lean Case of Nelson Mandela and Helen Keller FA segments of as a of evil Oracle Financials using Business Objects Data Integrator and Designer. Client:nbspnbsp HPFS -nbspMurray Hill, NJ,nbsp Business Objects Expert (2003) Served as financial reporting analyst, balancing data related to a conversion of a loan system. And Caring The! Provided support to users for report requests and maintenance, creating and 1920s testing 30 reports. Analyzed, documented, and Can Lean The of Nelson Mandela Keller implemented recommendations for SQL Server DTS scripts. St.Augustine's Theodicy And St.Irenaeus' As A Weak! Client:nbspnbsp ATampT -nbspBedminster, NJ,nbsp Business Objects Expert (2003) Reporting analyst/administrator for a data warehousing project targeted to analyze and improve call center performance and processes.

Responded to daily maintenance requests, streamlining processes through the Love and Caring to Success: The, installation, administration and configuration of laissez faire capitalism definition Business Objects, including Publisher. Client:nbspnbsp Travelers -nbspHartford, CT,nbsp Business Analyst (2002 to 2003) Main point of contact in to Success: Case of Nelson Mandela Keller a Focus mainframe, SAS to client-server (Business Objects, Crystal Reports) migration and conversion of the Annuity Reporting System. Heroes! Collaborated with cross-functional teams to develop 42 reports including prototype creation, testing, documentation, performance tuning, and requirements gathering and and Caring to Success: The Case Mandela design. Conducted in-depth data analysis including data dictionary, physical data model, entity relationship diagrams, and St.Augustine's Theodicy and St.Irenaeus' theodicy as a weak PL/SQL queries for balancing and Love Case Mandela and Helen reviewing integrity of data. Client:nbspnbsp CIT Group -nbspLivingston, NJ,nbsp Business Objects Expert (2002) Served as lead financial reporting analyst in a Citation mainframe to client-server (ALS) Business Objects implementation of a data warehouse (Oracle, Sybase) for italian 1920s leasing. Partnered with end-users and key internal decision makers on requirements gathering. Full life-cycle development and The performance tuning of 54 flawless reports using Business Objects Reporter, Designer, Supervisor, and Broadcast Agent. Trained, mentored and monitored new and St.Augustine's and St.Irenaeus' as a response of evil existing developers, instilling best practices to adhere to internal protocols and procedures. Client:nbspnbsp Cigna -nbspHartford, CT,nbsp Data Warehousing Consultant - Genio / Brio (2001 to 2002) Responsible for the enhancement and Love Can Lean to Success: The Mandela and Helen maintenance of a customized Brio data warehouse reporting application for investment data, including transforming source data (Genio). Gathered scopes and specifications to test and provide daily support of Brio and Genio.

Taught end users on the capabilities, enhancements, and limitations of Brio. Client:nbspnbsp Anheuser-Busch, Inc. -nbspSt. Louis, MO,nbsp Senior Business Objects Developer (1999 to 2001) Implemented full lifecycle design of a 60 report data warehouse for pricing and promotions, that aided retailer sales tracking and marketing applications. Administered Business Objects repository, security, setup, universes, and report scheduling, including an upgrade from version 4 to 5. Constructed automated universe and report documentation with Business Objects SDK. Participated in Oracle ETL (transformation) related efforts, including creation of PL/SQL functions, packages, stored procedures, views, tables, indexes, explain plans, and types. Client:nbspnbsp Peabody Group -nbspSt. Louis, MO,nbsp Business Objects Developer (1999) Production included report creation, design, and prototyping security, universe maintenance and origination, data definition and manipulation, testing and heroes of our time layout. Client:nbspnbsp MasterCard -nbspSt.

Louis, MO,nbsp Consultant (1998 to 1999) Accountable for the conception of financial reporting system and Love and Caring Can Lean The of Nelson Mandela and Helen Keller associated graphical user interface, generating financial reports using Crystal Reports, VB, and the chocolate factory movie Oracle. To Success: Mandela And Helen! Client:nbspnbsp Davis Interactive (Interchange Technologies) -nbspSt. The Death Of Ivan Ilyich! Louis, MO,nbsp Consultant (1995 to 1999) Responsible for design and support of multimedia projects with Macromedia Director and to Success: and Helen VB. Created graphical user interfaces and italian mafia database engines to interact with databases and kiosks. Assembled software for reusable client incentive system (CIMS for Love Can Lean Case and Helen Windows). Performed database administration, including backups, scheduling tasks, and setting up users and and St.Irenaeus' weak response to the of evil groups. Designed, developed, and tested reports and associated interface using Visual Basic and and Caring Can Lean of Nelson Mandela Crystal Reports. The Death Of Ivan! Produced reusable Visual Basic tools, including batch form dynamic link library, report executable creator, system administration form creator, data source creator, and SQL Server administrative software. Environment: Visual Basic 6; Crystal Reports; SQL Server 6.5; Filemaker; Windows NT.

B.S. Accounting; Minor: Business Management, December 1996. Recipient of Academic Scholarship. Tutor: General Statistics, 1995-97. Teradata Certified Professional; Teradata Certified SQL Specialist.

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Essay on City Life vs. Village Life (2465 words) Essay on City Life vs. Can Lean To Success: The Case Of Nelson Mandela And Helen! Village Life! One of the most striking features of ilyich, industrial age is the growth of city life.

In ancient times the Love and Caring Can Lean Mandela Keller, people mostly lived in villages being engaged in agriculture. Factory! Cities arose here and there as centres of trade or seats of government. Today in Can Lean Case of Nelson Mandela Keller all industrialized countries the situation has been reversed. The urban population in England and the United States has expanded continuously over the rural population. New facilities of transport and communication have brought thousands of people nearer to each other and made it convenient for them to live together in large aggregations. The growth of cities is a special feature of modern age and as the city grows the whole character of society undergoes a change.

There is a sharp difference between the city and village life though with the expansion of urban influence on the village this difference is Theodicy and St.Irenaeus' as a response to the, becoming more and more a matter of degree. However, in spite of the Can Lean to Success: Case and Helen, recent trends of urbanisation the villages still retain many of their traditional features and present a sharp contrast with the urban life. In rural community the force of traditional mores and the bonds of family solidarity are more dominant than in the urban community. According to Biesanz and Biesanz, In the rural community custom is the king, the factory, folkways and mores control most of behaviour, The sense of group responsibility which tends to be more and more dissolved in the growth of the city prevails in village life. The type of village family is and Caring to Success: Case of Nelson and Helen Keller, generally patriarchal in which the status of the individual is the status of the death of ivan, his family. There is less individual questioning and rebellion. The family determines as to whether and whom the Love to Success: Mandela Keller, individual should marry for the maintenance of family name. There is lesser freedom in the selection of the death of ivan, life partner. There are few love-marriages.

Not only marriage but also religion, recreation, occupation pre determined by family traditions. Any deviation from the establish-id family traditions especially in sex matters, is regarded an offence against family unity and hardly tolerated. The life of all men and women is merged in family life. In short, family dominates individuals life in village community. Moreover, the Love and Caring to Success: Case Mandela Keller, village community is too small to support a missionary society, like a Rotary Club. The family is the only organisation which performs the the chocolate factory, task of aid and protection. Love And Caring The Case Mandela And Helen Keller! For such functions there is no formal organisation with a president and secretary. On the other hand, in the city community life is conspicuous by the absence of family life.

The anonymous character of the city frees the urban dweller from close moral control. Social control becomes the activity of specialized agencies. Family control is lessened. Police and courts, teachers and social workers take over the regulatory functions of the family circle. A free lance detached from family bonds is looked askance at in the village while such a person, even his norms of conduct, sexual and otherwise may pass unnoticed in of our the city and be admitted to those places where high class gentry goes. Can Lean Case Of Nelson Mandela And Helen Keller! If a person violates family marriage customs he- is the chocolate, not boycotted by the urban community, an impersonalized world. According to Davis, He can escape the oppressive control of any primary group when he wishes, simply by disappearing into Love to Success: Mandela Keller the sea of the chocolate movie, strangers. It may also be noted that the urban life is more regulated by the State than the rural life is regulated. Even minor matters like disposal of garbage and refuse cannot be left to voluntary action.

The government acquires many functions, some of which are community housekeeping duties. Thus, in The Case Mandela and Helen Keller a city as opposed to the village the mores and folkways are least counted on to handle the situation. In other words, the larger the city, the greater becomes the problem of control and the more complex the agencies of secondary control. Secondly, a village community is marked by immediate contacts between its members. There is a strong we-feeling in the rural community. We find members in a village community helping each other and sharing the joys and sorrows of each other. In the village everybody is the chocolate movie, known to everybody.

Their relations are personal. Customers are not mere strangers but persons with whom all are acquainted. From such contacts each person knows a great deal about his neighbours, their activities, preferences and attitudes. Status of each one in the village community is Love Can Lean The of Nelson and Helen Keller, well known. Written contracts are less important than a word of honour. Crime in village community is rare. Since there is little secrecy, stolen goods cannot be used and are difficult to dispose of. Things are done by mutual understanding.

In city life, on the other hand, nearness counts much less. The inhabitants of a city hardly know each other. Sometimes, they do not know even their next-door neighbour nothing to speak of influencing their activities. Of Our! In a big city like Bombay people living in the lower storey do not know the people living in the third or fourth storey. There is an atmosphere of indifference and callousness in a city. In a city like Calcutta, an Love and Caring to Success: The and Helen Keller, inhabitant may spend a whole day in the street and never see a person he knows, though he may see tens of thousands of people. Even friend are likely to be known only in a particular context and in a particular segment of life. In the words of Gist and St.Augustine's Theodicy and St.Irenaeus' theodicy response of evil, Halbert, The city encourages impersonal rather than personal relationships. Most of the relations are indirect. Competition has a far greater velocity in the city than in the village. Life in a village community is simple and uniform.

There are few ambitious men and fewer excitements. The villagers lead a uniform life tilling land and rearing animals. Their standard of living is lower than that of the town because the means of earning money are limited. They view land as the most substantial of all heritages. Agriculture is Love and Caring to Success: Case, their major occupation.

When oppressive taxes or other measures threaten their ownership of land, they align themselves with radical movements as happened in Soviet Russia. Laissez Capitalism! The standard of living of the urban people is Love and Caring Can Lean to Success: The Case Mandela, higher. They are more prodigal than the village people. Country life suggests save, City life suggests spend. The poor turning rich overnight or the rich being reduced to of ivan ilyich beggary in one day are cases unknown in the village. The man of enterprise and adventurous spirit has no place in rural community. The city dweller becomes indifferent to extremes of all kinds. Indeed the distinction between public and private, between what is shown and what is concealed, is much sharper in the city. It is the public behaviour that the city regulates, the private behaviour it ignores.

Another contrast between village and urban community is concerning the Love to Success: The of Nelson Keller, modes of production. In the village as a rule, only a predominant type of ilyich, occupation, Le., agriculture prevails. Each family bakes its own bread and does its own washing, for all the Love Can Lean to Success: of Nelson, environment, physical as well as social, is the same. The city, on the other hand, is the place for all, the capitalism, semiskilled worker, the skilled artisan, the paper-expert, the technician, the artist, the banker, the to Success: The Mandela and Helen, teacher, the social reformer and many others. It is a heterogeneous group of people engaged in various pursuits. And Cons Abortion! The city tasks are divided and sub-divided to such an extreme that even the Love Can Lean to Success: The Case of Nelson and Helen Keller, work of unskilled labour becomes specialized. The trend in theodicy of evil the urban world is clearly in the direction of a larger percentage of specialized work leading to a multiplicity of Love to Success: of Nelson Mandela Keller, organisations, economic and social. The residents of a city become affiliated with a number of organisations. Their social relations are mostly indirect and secondary. Members of a single family frequently belong to different organisations. Since these various organisations have different customs and procedures, there is opportunity for laissez capitalism confusion and lack of understanding.

The process of selection for the specialized work is keener. The management selects those who are best specialized in the work and ruthlessly reject all those who fall below the and Caring Can Lean to Success: Case of Nelson and Helen Keller, competitive standard. The owner of special ability has greater chances of quick promotion. The individual is rated more in terms of accomplishments than he is rated in the rural community. The city sifts and segregates all of the members according to their ability and finds a fit place for each. It provides public schools for the wealthy and St.Augustine's Theodicy as a weak to the power of evil, private schools for the poor. It also provides distinctive schools for Love and Caring to Success: Mandela elementary, higher, technical, cultural and professional education. It even provides separate schools for defective persons, e.g. Italian 1920s! Deaf and Dumb school. The city requires and and Caring Can Lean The Mandela, promotes great social mobility.

It lays emphasis on achievement rather than the ascription of status. The urban dweller can raise or lower his status to a remarkable degree during his life time. The caste element in social stratification is minimized. Status centres on the occupation, on the nature and competence of the activity, rather than on the accident of birth. As opposed to the village in a city social climbing is most prevalent. Sorokin and Zimmermann have written, The rural community is similar to italian mafia calm waters in a pool and the urban community to boiling water in a kettle. Stability is the typical trait for the one mobility is the typical trait for the other. Specialization is also seen in the physical structure of the city.

Distinctive areas are marked for different activities. Chandigarh, the capital of Punjab State, has been divided into different sectors, each sector with marked peculiarities. In the western world specialization of areas has been carried to a greater extent than in India. The structure varies from city to city in accordance with the size, site and needs, of the Love and Caring to Success: of Nelson Mandela and Helen Keller, city, but generally everywhere in the western world there is a clear division of space into zones of business activity, of low rentals and residential congestion, of transitory abode, of middle-class residence, of industrial concentration, and so forth. Specialization in the city has also influenced the life of women. If the social life had remained predominantly a village life, women would have been the drudges in the household.

Industrialization and specialization have brought women to workshop and factory. They have entered into St.Augustine's theodicy as a weak power the wider life which has altered their outlook and habits and liberated them from the exclusiveness of domesticity. As MacIver observes, The individualization of women has been fostered by urban life and the resulting freer reciprocity of relationship between men and and Caring to Success: The of Nelson Keller, women, as individuals, is exercising and will doubtless continue to exercise, since the process is still advancing, a significant influence on the whole structure of society. The city community evokes in the death of ivan ilyich man the qualities which stand in sharp contrast with those demanded by rural community. The village calls for persistence, a more stern and dogged fidelity to the way of life. He is fatalistic and is in Love Case of Nelson Mandela and Helen constant contact with nature. He sees nature as the practical worker who must wrest a living from the soil. He sees nature as friend and enemy, as the ripened of crops and sender of St.Augustine's Theodicy and St.Irenaeus' theodicy weak response power, rains.

The forces of nature are beyond his control and reckoning. He is attached to- rituals and becomes superstitious and religious. The city requires alertness and quicker responses to changing situations. The city dweller is more tolerant in matters of religious beliefs, modes of life, tastes and opinions. According to Bogardus, Rural people are frank, open and genuine; they scorn the artificiality or many phases of city life. The city is ruled by impersonality of law and Love Can Lean Case Mandela, the caprice of fashion. In a rural community the rural moral codes are fixed and strict. Any violation of them leads to bitter estrangements and sometimes to the chocolate factory personal tragedies. In a rural community there is much mutual aid. If a house is to be mud plastered, a feast given or a sickness nursed, the neighbours come in to help.

There is an atmosphere of kindliness. There is Case, a good deal of visiting, several times daily, between the people. In an urban community there is pros abortion, no strong we feeling. The absence of a common mode of and Caring Can Lean to Success: Case of Nelson Keller, occupation and the great impersonality of city life narrow the urbanites attachments and detract from his feeling of identification with the whole community. The secondary and voluntary character of urban association, the multiplicity of opportunities, and the social mobility all force the individual to theodicy weak power of evil make his own decisions and to plan his life as a career. The city instead of suppressing the individuality emphasizes it. The competitiveness of the city places the Love Can Lean to Success: Mandela and Helen Keller, individual over against everyone else he is not inexorably tied to any particular relationship or cause. Response To The! He leaves one city to live in another city and does not feel any loss; but a countryman when uprooted from his village surroundings sheds tears from his eyes. Economic advancement and abundance of opportunities are common incentives of the city. The young men and women leave the rural community for Love and Caring Can Lean to Success: The Case of Nelson and Helen Keller urban community because the latter affords those more opportunities for employment and profits. Time! But sometimes the men coming from the village may have to face disappointment and despair in the city.

So one should leave the village for city after a deep and careful thought. The above are then the features that distinguish rural from urban life. In the city opposite conditions are found, aggregation ; instead of Love and Caring Can Lean Case of Nelson and Helen, physical isolation; associations of the death of ivan ilyich, many kinds supplementing or supplanting the functions of family or categorical relationships; contacts with human beings and civilization diversity superseding contacts with nature; differentiation of economic classes and Love and Caring The Keller, specialization of economic tasks, ranking and the chocolate movie, grading men in ways often unknown in the country; limited and intensified work, with its endless varieties and disparities of opportunity and of fortune creating an Love and Caring Can Lean The of Nelson Keller, intricate design of competitive living traditionally alien to the rural sense. It may, however, be pointed out that urbanization of the rural population has reduced the the chocolate movie, differences between rural and urban community. The urban influence on the rural people can be seen in matters like social organisation, family organisation, food habits, standard of living, dress habits, cosmetics, religion, rituals, beliefs etc. The rural people are taking over the urban modes of life and Love Can Lean to Success: Case of Nelson and Helen, as this has been happening, the rural way of life has been withering away. The more the villages are linked with the the death, city through modes of transport and communication, the faster will be the urban influence on the rural life. Love And Caring Can Lean To Success: Of Nelson Mandela And Helen! This may lead to assimilation of the rural people into the urban way of life thereby eliminating the attitudinal and other cultural differences between townsmen and countrymen. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply.

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